​BPO Services

Unisys Australia's business process outsourcing business offers three main services:

  1. Mortgage Processing
  2. Deposit Processing
  3. Direct Debit and Credit Payment Processing

Unisys Credit Services

Unisys delivers large scale business process outsourcing services to clients across Asia Pacific, maximizing value to their businesses by operating their mission critical, but strategically non-core, processes. The Unisys operations and vertical market expertise & delivers outsourcing benefits that include removing the capital investment burden, improving the quality of services and lowering overall costs.

Unisys Credit Services (UCS) is a third-party loan servicer and payment processing service provider headquartered in Sydney. Originally formed in 2002 to perform the residential loan processing and servicing for RHG Home Loans, UCS now also services RAMS Financial Group (Westpac) and Anchorage Home Loans (National Australia Bank). The total book value for mortgages processed by UCS is currently over $18 billion, for over 70,000 mortgagors.

Financial processing is a key differentiator for those customers who use deposits to fund their operations. Unisys has developed and delivers a complete deposit processing services solution for such customers. Deposits processed by UCS total $2.5 billion for 50,000 customers.

UCS provides electronic payment processing services and support, relating to the Australian Bulk Electronic Clearing System (direct debit and credit payments) for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and a major government agency.

Reducing client's processing costs and capital expenditure, accelerating processing times and enhancing customer service through improved operational efficiencies are central to the UCS offerings. UCS provides scalability to manage peak loan and payment periods and complete visibility to support governance and compliance requirements including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and Privacy and other credit legislation. Innovative pricing methodologies reflecting the business value of the services delivered together with leading industry service levels provide a complete outsourcing solution, which can be utilized as a whole or in part to suit individual business requirements.

In its role as a third-party loan service provider, UCS is responsible for all settlement and post-settlement servicing functions, including arrears management and recoveries, and extensive call centre services for customers and originators and is rated as a "STRONG" residential loan servicer in Australia by Standard & Poor's.

In its financial processing operations, UCS is responsible for and delivers end to end processing of deposit accounts from establishment including verification of identity and a call centre solution.

The direct debit and credit payment service is fully compliant to the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) standards and provides a hosted payment application, transactional processing via direct industry exchanges with other financial institutions, reporting and settlement services, and back office support.